So you need an awesome resume, and you need it now
  • Welcome to "Create an Irresistible Resume That Lands You a $100K+ Job"
  • You’re in the right place
  • My story and why you should listen to me
  • What this course is really about
  • How to get the most out of this course
Understand what recruiters and hiring managers really look for in your resume
  • Understanding the recruiter and hiring manager psychology
  • The rules of the resume game have not changed
  • But some new rules are now in place
  • Give the recruiters and hiring managers what they are looking for
  • Well begun is half won
What makes a good resume great?
  • Less is more. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
  • Always qualify and quantify your work and your achievements
  • Establish baselines and benchmark outcomes
  • Create magic by weaving your own story
  • Distinguish, distinguish, distinguish yourself from the pack
Master the Power Resume Framework to build an effective resume
  • Why did I create the Power Resume Framework?
  • Key elements of the Power Resume Framework
  • Distinguish your achievements and accomplishments
  • How does the Power Resume Framework work?
  • Why is the Power Resume Framework so effective?
  • Introducing the mind sweep process to get the words flowing
  • Get it done already!
Bring in the Wow! Factor in your resume
  • Don’t get a wrong job for the wrong reason
  • Don’t forget it’s a demand/supply game
  • You cannot get far without authenticity and personal integrity
  • Keep your resume on top of the pile – and out of the trash can
  • Make the resume your base camp – not the high point of your career
Build your best resume in the next 60 minutes - with no sweat and no frustration
  • Start with a rock solid template
  • Divide and conquer. Timeboxing always works
  • Neutralize biases, weak spots and past failures - and make them irrelevant
  • Blunders and silly mistakes can cost you dearly
  • Variations are easy with clarity of thought and a foundation in place
Make your resume a magnet for interview requests for six-figure salary positions
  • The grunt work is over. The real hard work begins now
  • Iterations always work
  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting
  • Keep track of results
  • Make your resume a living document, and you’ll never sweat again
  • Next steps
Appendix: Real world resume insights for real world resume success
  • How to read a job posting and understand what the hiring manager is looking for
  • Bonus 1: Power Resume Keywords and Phrases
  • Bonus 2: Power Resume Templates