Why A Software Company?
  • Introduction
  • Why a software company
  • What can you offer as a software company?
  • Software products
  • Software services
  • Other products and services
  • The Reseller Model
  • How should your company be?
  • Business Templates
The organization
  • Introduction
  • The freelancer model
  • The company model
  • The partnership model
  • Outsourcing
  • Outtasking
The communication
  • Business Communication
  • Internal communication
  • Communication with your customers
  • Communication with your partners
  • Mastermind groups
The Roadmap
  • The product roadmap
  • The goals of a Roadmap
  • Examples of Roadmap
  • Types of Roadmaps
  • Example of Real Applications
Create your product or service
  • Get new ideas
  • Pricing defintions
  • Special offers
  • The product development process
  • The production process
  • The launch
  • The maintenance phase
Legal aspects
  • Legal information
  • Legal Agreements when selling digital products and services
  • Software Licenses
  • Where to find royalty free images
  • Where to find royalty free videos
  • Where to find royalty free music
Promote your business
  • The Road to Success
  • The Marketing Process
  • Online market places
  • The Open Source Model
  • Use the social media to promote your products and services
Must Have Tools and Services
  • Introduction
  • Metrics Tools
  • Technologies Must Have
  • Organizational and Laverage Tools
  • Tools for Email Marketing, Customer Communication and CRM
  • Important Tools and Services
  • Social Media Tools
  • Tools to establish your online presence
  • Customer Support Tools
  • Examples of profitable software projects based on open source
  • The Most Profitable Niche for a Software Company
  • Conclusions
  • Next steps?
  • Verify your understanding in this section