Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • The importance and failure of innovation
  • Why products and companies fail
  • Problem space vs. solution space
  • Deciding where to start
  • The Dropbox story
  • Beware of HIPPOS, a cautionary tale
Jobs To Be Done
  • Finding a user's jobs to be done
  • Case study: Dropbox
  • How jobs to be done can fuel innovation
  • The power of negative jobs
  • ACTIVITY: Define the jobs to be done for an existing product or solution
Understanding Your Customer's Situation
  • Understanding your customers/users
  • Example: hiring transportation for a business trip
  • The power of customer visits
  • Notice the small things
  • ACTIVITY: Define the context of how your customers are trying to get a job done
How to Understand Customer Pain
  • The importance of understanding customer pain
  • Have a beginner’s mindset
  • Going beyond the obvious
  • Kill the ego
  • Customer feedback: what matters and what doesn’t
  • A repeatable process of learning
  • ACTIVITY: Capture pain that customers experience, forcing them to seek a change
Customer Friction
  • The silent killer of products
  • Ikea Case Study
  • 10X thinking
  • Mindshare before market share
  • The best thing since sliced bread...or is it?
  • ACTIVITY: Define the friction points that are or could prevent adoption
Customer Motivation
  • A powerful force
  • Understanding why customers buy
  • Why I bought a lawn mower
  • The five whys
  • ACTIVITY: Capture the customer’s motivation to change
Measuring Outcomes
  • Defining and measuring customer success
  • Getting to what's important
  • Writing a good measurement statement
  • Example: measuring the outcome of hiring transportation for a business trip
  • ACTIVITY: Capture how your customers will measure success
Finding Opportunity
  • Underserved vs overserved
  • Wordpress vs. Medium
  • Hotels vs. Airbnb
  • ACTIVITY: Assess how your customers are currently being served
  • Pulling it all together
  • Closing thoughts