Before working on your dream - Things you must know
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Assess Your Current Situation
  • What makes you unhappy?
  • What makes you tick?
  • Rating your life
Build Your Dream
  • What if money was never an issue?
  • What if you were never judged for anything?
  • What if you never felt afraid or lonely?
  • What if you were qualified for everything?
  • What do you think so far?
Grow Your Dream
  • The biggest misconception about motivation
  • The biggest motivation hack that people rarely use
  • The best suggested tools to stay motivated - daily
  • MID COURSE QUIZ - Sections 2 to 4
Shred Your Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • What are your biggest fears and doubts
  • What is your trump card?
  • The real secret behind success
  • We are the equals to Einstein
Making Your Dream A Reality
  • Harness the power of Meta Stories
  • Building the killer routine
  • The most important coaching you need
  • The final action plan
Lessons Learnt
  • Lessons Learnt
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  • FAQ's
New / Bonus Content!
  • Life Purpose without Money - Pt 1.
  • Life Purpose without Money - Pt 2.
  • Life Purpose without Money - Pt 3.
What am I doing now? Travelling the world!
  • Colombo - Sri Lanka
  • My new course