• Welcome to your new controller
  • Downloading and Installing Serato DJ Lite
  • Connecting Your Controller, Headphones and Speakers
  • Running Serato DJ Lite For The First Time
  • How the DDJ-SB2 Mirrors Serato DJ
Getting Your Music On
  • Where's My Music!?
  • How To Use iTunes To Organise Your DJ Library
  • How To Organise Playlists In iTunes or Serato DJ Lite
  • Want More Music? Here’s Where To Get Them
  • Executing Your First Mix Ever
  • Using Sync To Match Tempos Of Two Songs and Avoid Train Wrecks
  • Counting Beats: The DJ’s Mix Success Secret
  • Mixing With Intros and Outros For Smoother Blend
  • Cue Points On Steroids: Hot Cues and Why They’re Useful
  • Why Looping Is Your Best Friend
  • Smoother Mixing with EQ’s
  • Applying Filters While DJing
  • Beatmixing 1: Matching The Tempos Without Sync
  • Beatmixing 2: How The Waveforms Work
  • Adding FX To Your Mix
  • Adding And Triggering Samples
  • Controlling Four Decks On The DDJ-SB2
  • You're Ready To Party!
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