Introduction to the Course
  • Welcome Students!
  • How Can You Sell Luxury Designer Handbags with Zero Inventory!
  • My Experience with Selling Luxury Designer Handbags
  • Why You Should Sell Luxury Designer Handbags on eBay?
  • Get You in the Game by Reselling Luxury Designer Handbags Online!
  • Let's Get Started Shall We?
How to Set Up Your Luxury Designer Bags Business and Get Paid!
  • Sign Up for a eBay Account to Sell Your Luxury Designer Handbags
  • Sign Up for a PayPal Account to Get Paid From Your Customers Who Bought From You
  • Use This eBay Profits and Fees Calculator to Crunch Out Your Profits After Cost
Time to Go Window Shopping for Luxury Designer Handbags!
  • The First Step is to Go to Store Outlets = Find the Money Bags
  • Why Store Outlets? Big Discounts = Big Profits in Your Pockets
  • Make Sure You Go to Luxury Handbags Outlets and Window Shop!
  • What to Expect When Window Shopping at Outlet Stores
  • What Do I Do When I'm at the Luxury Handbags Outlets Store?
  • How to Conduct Yourself in the Outlet Stores and Not Look Like a Fool
  • When Luxury Handbags Sales Rep Approach Me What Do I Say?
  • Take Pictures, A lot of Pictures with Your Smartphone!!!
  • Your Goal is to Go to Outlet Stores and Update Your Inventory and Repeat!
Market Research on eBay to Find Out Which Luxury Handbags Sells
  • Easy Market Research with the Pictures Taken From Your Smart Phone
  • Search Completed Listings and Sold Listings on eBay
  • Find Out How Much the Items is Going For on eBay and Compare with Outlet Prices
  • Find Out Exactly How Much You Will Make Per Item That is Profitable!
  • Get Excited! The Pictures You Have Taken Will Pay Off When You Hit Jackpot!!!
  • Now What?! You Now Know Market Price and How Much You Can Get it For
How to List Your Luxury Designer Handbags on eBay Like a Boss
  • Take Advantage of the $0 Listing Fee Up to 50 Items Per Month on eBay!!!
  • Very Simple Ways to List Your Luxury Designer Handbags Fast!
  • Just Follow the Steps to a Perfect eBay Listing From Beginning to End
  • How to Write a Perfect Title For Your Luxury Designer Handbag eBay Listings
  • How to Write a Perfect Item Description for Your Luxury Designer Handbag Listing
  • How to Pick the Right Selling Format for Your Luxury Designer Handbag Listings
  • How to Pick the Right Shipping Format for Your Luxury Designer Handbag Listings
  • More Luxury Designer Handbag Listings = Higher Chance of Selling Your Items
  • Congratulations! You Have Successfully Learned How to List Your First Item
How to Process Luxury Designer Handbags Customer Orders From Your eBay Business
  • Hooray! You Made Your First Sale! Now What?
  • Check Your E-mails! PayPal Payment Notification Waiting to Be Processed
  • Go Buy the Specific Luxury Designer Bags Your Customer Ordered from Outlet Store
  • If Available Buy It ASAP From Outlet Stores and Make Sure Item is New with Tags
  • If Not Available, the Specific Luxury Handbag is SOLD OUT, Cancel Order via eBay
  • Only Solution is to Update New Inventory Because of Rare and Limited Ed Handbags
  • Expect to Get Paid Big Profits from HOT and In Demand Luxury Designer Handbags
How to Pack a Luxury Designer Handbag for Shipment
  • How to Pack and Ship Luxury Designer Handbag Safely and Not Damage Goods
  • Take Advantage of Free USPS Priority Mail Boxes to Pack Your Luxury Designer Bag
  • Make Sure to Purchase Signature Delivery Confirmation Before Shipping Out
  • Upload Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number to eBay When You Ship Out Package
How to Provide Excellent Customer Service to Your Customers
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service and Answer Emails From Customers
  • Maintain and Give Positive Feedback to Your Customers For Fast Payments and Etc
  • Are You Ready to Make Your First Sale?
  • Ask Questions Throughout the Lectures and Understand the Basics
  • Homework: Learn the Course and Apply What You Learned
  • If You Have Any Questions About the Homework Please Post in Discussions