Make Money Writing Articles : Course Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Let's Talk Money! How much will you get paid?
  • Writing Articles: How much money you can earn every month?
  • Writng Articles: Can You make money without any experience and budget
My Earniing Proofs and Articles
  • See articles that i have written
  • See My Earning Proofs - Articles and Invoices
  • My First Earning and Article - $50
  • My second earning - $200 for a step by step tutorial
  • First $400 Earning - After writing about Invoices
  • How I made $800 after writing a series of tutorials about a simple tool
  • How I made $200 after rooting my Android device?
  • How can you earn $100 or more watching YouTube videos?
Getting Started: Setting up email, paypal & Payoneer accounts
  • Create email account
  • Create a free PayPal account to recieve online payments
  • sign up for payoneer Master Card and earn $25
  • Paypal Payoneer Alternative Services to Online Payments
  • How I Recieve Payments From Clients
  • Recieve payments from clients via Payoneer Request a Payment service
  • How to generate an Invoice to get paid?
Things You Need To Do Before Writing for Websites That Pay
  • What you need to do before writing for clients
  • Show your skills: Write and publish two sample articles
  • how to write and publish articles at wordpresscom
120+ Websites That Pay Between 5$ To 1000$ For Writing Articles
  • 34 Travel Magazines and Websites That Pay Freelance Writers
  • 110+ Websites That Pay $10 - $500 to Write Articles - Online Writing Jobs
  • 11 Websites That Pay Between 5$ To 150$ For Writing Lists
How to format and write perfect articles?
  • What type of articles you can write
  • Topics to write
  • What is Minimum and Maximum length of an article or blog post
  • How to Pitch - with an example pitch
  • Grab the attention of editor with catchy headlines - 180 Examples
  • Let's Start Writing Catchy Attention Grabbing Headline - The Best Tools
  • Best method to find a topic and write an article for any website
  • Writing Guidelines : How To Write The Perfect Article
  • How To Choose a Topic and Title For Article In Only 5 Minutes
  • 9 best and free writing tools
  • How To Fix Grammar and Spelling Mistakes
The Comprehensive Guide To Creating Great Images for Your Articles
  • 23 stock photo websites to find free images for your articles
  • how to create beautiful featured images for blog posts free
  • how to reduce the size of images without losing quality
  • Rcommended Maximum width forarticle images and screenshots
Resources For Writers
  • Resources to impriove English Writing Skills
  • Freelance Copywriters/Copy Editors WebpageFX
  • IronPaper - Freelance Writing Job
  • More Resources For Writers - Writing Jobs
  • 25 Free Online Courses to Improve Your Writing Skills