• Why Emotional Intelligence is critical in your development
  • How to overcome the self-destructive default modes and patterns
  • Emotions: A Key Area for Self-Awareness
  • Use of emotion to foster different thinking styles
  • Acknowledge how you can produce long-lasting changes in yourself and others
How To Master Your Emotions
  • Step by step guide on how to build your emotional awareness
  • How to become confident in expressing your emotions
  • Mastering the patterns of mind that develop the emotional competence
  • How to prevent emotions from taking control over your mind and your actions
  • 9 Key techniques that make you wiser in managing your emotional reactions
  • 7 steps to get your Negative Emotions under Control
  • 6 mental barriers that determine the most common emotional barriers
  • 15 techniques to remove the emotional blocks
  • How to practice the concept of raising above unresolved emotional baggage
  • 10 powerful ways of overcoming Fear and controlling your actions
  • Why overcoming fear will strengthen your capacity to focus
  • How to create strategies to deal with frustrations and other emotions
  • Self-Assessment: Exercises
How To Create Positive Behavioral Change
  • 6 Powerful Methods to give up to the old compulsive patterns
  • Key Steps for taking control of your emotional triggers
  • 6 techniques for pulling yourself out of the victim role
  • The link between the unconscious and emotions
  • 5 proven strategies to create more emotionally intelligent behaviors
  • Cause your emotions to work for you and make favorable impressions
  • 5 things to avoid, if you want to avoid failure
  • How to start living a more conscious and successful life
  • Self-Assessment: Exercises
How to Reprogram Your Subconscious
  • How emotions influence your brain
  • 5 strategies for activating positive emotions
  • The way your subconscious controls your emotions
  • The Awareness and the Subconscious Re-Programming
  • How to retrain your subconscious mind for positive behavioral change
  • Learn by Doing: Exercises