Course Introduction for Insomnia and Sleep Disturbance
  • Course Introduction
What is Qigong and The History of Qigong
  • What is Qigong and the History of Qigong
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Insomnia
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Insomnia
Different Medical Views on Insomnia
  • TCM Etiology and Pathogenesis
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Chinese Herbal Formula
  • Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)
  • Qigong Exercises and Qigong Medical Treatments
Essential Qigong Practise Information
  • Qigong Safety Precautions
  • Qigong Practice Guidelines
Relaxing Exercises and Traditional Qigong exercises to promote sleeping
  • 1.Embrace the Mountain
  • 2.Sage presents a Peach
  • 3.Dragon emerges from the sea
  • 4.Turning behind all illnesses dissipate
  • 5.The Three Opening & Closing Form
  • 6.Heart Qigong massage
  • 7. Dao Yin Qigong exercises
  • 8. Pulling the knees to the chest
  • 9. Massage the chest to your abdomen
  • 10. Fists on the back
  • 11. Palms on the abdomen
  • Empty your mind before sleep
  • Muscle Relaxing Meditation
Food and Diets that effect sleeping
  • Food and Diets that effect sleeping
Mental and Emotional influences
  • Mental and Emotional states that can effect sleeping
Beds, pillows, and sleep positions
  • Review on best beds for sleeping on
  • Review on best pillows for sleeping
  • Best sleeping positions for sleeping
Insomnia and Sleep disturbance solutions and treatments
  • How is insomnia is seen and treated with Western medicine
  • What are non-medical treatments for insomnia?
  • What is sleep hygiene?
  • How can stimulus control help with insomnia?
  • What is sleep restriction?
  • What medications are used to treat insomnia?
  • Relaxation Music
  • Insomnia at a glance
Other ideas to help with sleeping
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Reconditioning
  • Take breaks
  • Establishing a regular sleep-wake cycle
  • Music
Course Summary
  • Course Summary
  • Credits