What will you learn?
  • Introduction -- What is this course all about?
  • How can you load your website to load faster?
  • How to get the best out of this lecture?
Test your speed first
  • How fast is your website?
  • Identify the cause of a slow website (there can be many)
Website Web Performance Optimization
  • Installing W3 Total Cache
  • Different kinds of free plugins available for cache
  • Remove Unnecessary Elements on your website
  • Decide if you want to invest on a CDN or not
  • How to set up Amazon Cloud Services?
Optimizing Images and Videos
  • How to optimize your image for the web?
  • Lazy load images to improve page load times
Verifying the website speed after speed optimization
  • Verifying the results on Pingdom.com and GtMetrix.com
To Summarize/Conclusion
  • Act on it now
Bonus Section
  • "Secret Coupon" to get massive discounts on my other courses