Course Overview and Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction
  • Questions you need to answer
What Does It Take To Leverage Relationships For Mutual Benefit
  • Know Your Objective/End Goal
  • What is your contribution to the relationship
  • Always be prepared and respectful at all times
What Are The Pre-Requisites For A Mutual Beneficial Relationship
  • It Is A Mutual Beneficial Relationship
  • Do Your Homework Beforehand
  • You Are Not Going To Just Take Without Giving Back
  • Your Job Is To Make Sure You Are Always Present
What Should You Bring To The Relationship
  • You Need To Show Dedication And Willingness
  • Offer Your Side Of Things As Well, Don’t Just Listen
  • Be Professional And Courteous At All Times
  • Never Expect Your Mentor To Run After You
How To Maintain And Sustain The Relationship
  • When Asked To Do Something That Will Help You, Do It
  • Take Initiative And Show That You Are Interested
  • Implement What You Learn And Show What You Are learning
  • Be Honest At All Times
  • Critical aspects of a relationship/engagement​
What To Do With The New Acquired Knowledge
  • Share Your New Found Knowledge Or Opportunity
  • How to contribute