Lets Begin, Lets Learn How To Make A Website
  • Hey Welcome Guys!
  • Get Hosting And Install Wordpress
  • Installing Wordpress Manually
  • Installing The Divi Theme
  • Creating Pages And Menus
Designing The Home Page And Using the Divi Builder
  • Creating The Home Page Part 1
  • Creating The Home Page Part 2
  • Creating The Home Page Part 3
  • Free Footer Layout
  • Learn How To Use The Divi Theme Customizer
Creating The Other Pages
  • Hey, Its Darrel
  • Creating The About Us Page
  • Creating The Services And Contact Page
  • Creating The Blog
Divi Theme Features, Tricks, And Mobile Optimization
  • Divi Theme Builder
  • Lets Talk About What Features You Can Use With The Divi Theme
  • Divi Theme Features
  • Other Divi Theme Modules
  • Divi Theme Blank Page Template + Global Feature
  • Mobile Optimization With Divi Theme
  • How To Use The Bloom Plugin With Divi Theme
How To Start Your Journey?
  • The Long Road Ahead