Infographic Resumes
  • Introduction
  • Why Should YOU Use Infographic Resumes to Find a Job?
  • 3 Infographic Resume Styles (Traditional, Modern, Artistic)
  • Getting Started with Easelly
  • How to Make an Impressive Infographic Resume Quickly with Easelly Pro
  • Choosing Font for your Infographic Resume
  • 6 Tips and Tricks for Using Easelly Effectively
  • How to Save and Download Your Resume to PDF
  • 5 Point Review: How to Use Easelly to WOW Employers
  • How to Upload Your Infographic Resume
  • Recommended Resources for Writing or Updating Your Resume
Bonus Lectures
  • Bonus Lecture 1: The Complete Infographic Checklist
  • Bonus Lecture 2: Information about Easelly Pro & Other Easelly Resources