• Introduction
  • Be Your Own Accountability Coach
  • How to Determine Main Goals
  • #1 Create Simple guided meditations for you
  • Audioless Manifesting + Extra Heart Energy
  • #2 Create Profound Law of Attraction Meditations for you
  • #3 Create Focus Mastery meditations for you
  • Your brain on Focus Mastery
  • When to play for best results- Join the morning club
Debra's Own Examples for 2 weeks
  • A Week's Mind Movie with Voice (Debra's) Advanced technique
  • A Week's Audio Meditation example- Health focus
  • A Week's Audio- Debra's quick beginner audio (with good microphone)
  • Assignment: Create a simple audio
Pre-recorded Guided Meditation Offerings from Debra
  • Guided Meditation for Goal Focus- Be a deep setter
  • Guided Meditation for Goals Law of Attraction
  • Chakra sound healing mantra guided
Prepare to Create Your Meditations
  • Tune in
  • Brainstorming & Writing Out Script Goals
  • Frame of Mind & Tantra tips
  • Mic and recording room for LOA personal meditations
  • Mistakes to avoid slideshow
  • Daily Planners or Weekly Planners: as assistance
  • Vision Board: as bigger goals vision assistance
  • Tantra Radiance Meditation
  • About pyramid breathing & Tantra for manifestation
  • Pyramid Breathing Exercise: Let's Practice Together
  • Writing Prompt
Resources for the course
  • Sunrise Mind Movie Template for iMovie or other video editing software
  • Affirmations collection
  • Sacred geometry
  • Sacred Geometry-Tree of Life-blank template
  • Tree of Life- Add your voice to music template
  • SMART goals worksheet
Extra Skills in Audio
  • Closing Highlights Goal-Setting Audio Course
  • Daily Practice Article
  • Always Gaining Education
  • Scripts
  • Editing and Adding Music
  • Music Tip
  • Music Levels
  • Chakras
  • Assignment in Creating