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  • Course introduction
  • Who are we
  • Our training approach
SAP Projects Explained
  • Learning objectives & Section structure
  • What is SAP?
  • Characteristics of typical SAP projects
  • Types of SAP projects
  • EXERCISE: Establishing your SAP experience profile
SAP project challenges
  • Learning objectives & Section structure
  • Common SAP project myths
  • What is a successful Project
  • What makes SAP Projects special
  • EXERCISE: SAP Project Attributes
  • Business expectations to SAP projects
  • What is a failed SAP project?
  • Why do SAP projects fail?
  • What is the impact if an SAP project fail?
  • When does SAP projects most often fail?
  • EXERCISE: Why do SAP Projects Fail?
How to make your SAP project successful
  • Learning objectives & Section structure
  • How to make your SAP project SUCCESSFUL?
  • EXERCISE: SAP Project Success Criteria
  • EXERCISE: SAP Project Readiness Assessment
  • What are the SAP Methodologies?
  • The SAP Project Manager
  • The new way of looking at Project Success
  • EXERCISE: Project Management Capability Assessment
Test your knowledge
  • Test your knowledge
Additional content
  • Introduction to Software Development.I
  • The Software Development waterfall
  • Difference between Cloud and On-Premise
  • The birth of Agile
Whats next
  • Introduction to the NEW Agile SAP Activate Methodology
  • Special BONUS offer