• Why Do You Need This Course?
  • Is This Class for You?
  • Identity Theft: The Fastest Growing Crime
  • How to Know If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity
  • What You Will Learn in This Course
Surviving Online Password Attacks
  • Surviving an Online Attack
  • Would Your Passwords Survive an Online Attack?
Surviving Offline Password Attacks
  • How Do Hackers Get Your Passwords?
  • How Do Websites Protect Your Password?
  • Myths about Password Strength
  • How Strong Is Your Password? Can It Be Cracked?
  • More on Password Strength (for the Curious)
  • The Secret of Strong Passwords
  • What is a Passphrase?
  • Get a Passphrase
Password Managers
  • What is a Password Manager?
  • How Secure are Password Managers?
  • How to Use KeePass to Manage Your Passwords
  • Password Manager Tips and Tricks
Bonus Section
  • Bonus Lecture: Free and Useful Stuff
Archived Lectures
  • Should You Write Down Passwords?