• Introduction: what is this course all about?
Why is your sales pitch falling on deaf ears....
  • Why Sales Pitch Fail
  • What do you do? The question that holds the answer to your next customer
Key Points: Important points about your customers
  • 3 Key points that you shouldn't take for granted
  • Find Your Spot: Where do you fit, in your customers wants or needs?
What Next: Steps to get you closer to your customer
  • Solution: How to create a solution for your customer
  • Articulate a solution and put it in writing
  • Steps to Formulate- review the steps and formulate your solution
  • Take Action: how to take action as soon as possible
  • Conclusion
****Bonus**** Your Ideal Customer
  • Who is Your Customer?
Conclusion: putting it all together
  • Full Circle: what should you have gotten from the course