Course Overview
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Rubik's Cube
  • Algorithms
First Layer: White Cross
  • Part 1: White Cross With Yellow Center
  • Part 2: Full White Cross
First Layer: Corners
  • Solving Corners
Second Layer: Edges
  • Solving Edges
Third Layer: Yellow Cross
  • Top Side Patterns
  • The Dot
  • The L Shape
  • The Line Shape
  • The Cross
Third Layer: Swap Yellow Edges
  • Matched Edge Pieces Patterns
  • Pattern 1: Matched Edge Pieces Are Opposite To Each Other
  • Pattern 2: Matched Edges Are Next To Each Other
Third Layer: Yellow Corners
  • Position Yellow Corners
  • Orient Yellow Corners
  • Solving An Example Of Rubik's Cube From Beginning To The End