• Introduction
Podcasting Fundamentals for future Podcasters and Podcasting newbies
  • What is Podcast?
  • Why start a Podcast and why do people get into the business of Podcasting?
  • What you need to create a Podcast | The basic tools required to start a Podcast
Launch your Podcast
  • How to get Started with your Podcast
  • How to Start a Podcast in less than 5 Minutes
  • Demo | A Real Life Example of How to Create a Podcast in Less than 5 mins!
  • Recording the 1st Episode of Your Podcast
  • [NEW] How to Record and Publish a Podcast Episode
Post Production
  • Interviews in Podcasting
  • How to Grow your Audience | Get more listeners on your Podcast!
  • Monetizing your Podcast
Wrap Up
  • Podcasting Smart Pack
  • [UPDATED] Bonus Lecture