Level 1
  • The Secret to Effortless Power - Strength vs Structure
  • The Simple Secret to Attracting Money
  • What Is Qi and How to Activate it with PEMF technology
  • How to Center Yourself, find your center with Meditation technology
  • What is Alignment in your Mind and Body
Level 2
  • Hacking Your Mind For Confidence
  • Hacking Your Mind for Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Hacking Your Mind to Overcome Fear
  • How to keep your New Years Resolutions
  • Advanced Power Concepts - Integration and Intention
  • Acupressure Points for anxiety, depression and sleep
Level 3
  • How to Align to Your Dreams & Passion
  • How to Connect to Higher Consciousness - Aligning To The Universe
  • Aligning Your Money & Opportunity
  • The 2 Paths to Transformation and Mastery
Level 4
  • 3 Words That Keep You Poor or Make You Rich
  • Unlocking Your Body Gate For Health and Vitality
  • Unlocking Your Heart Gate For Love and Joy
  • How to Solve Any Problem and Succeed in Anything
Level 5
  • The Science of Reality and How to Bend
  • 3 Ancient Ways to Increase Your Luck
  • How To Manifest and Attract Abundance Effortlessly
  • What is True Power & Success? Manifestation and Transformation
  • Why Setting Goals Doesn't Work...
  • 5 Mental Blocks To Success and How To Overcome Them