• Who am I and why I made this Free Course?
  • One Side Note To All The Students of This Free Course.
  • How does this course work?
  • Let's see who was paying attention?
  • Summary of Section 1.
Let's learn basic EFT techniques.
  • Let's learn the Basic EFT Routine.
  • What is the 9-Gamut and How does it work?
  • Let's put it all together.
  • To summarize the whole procedure...and add some loose ends...
  • Some Practical Examples of how to deal with a specific issue.
  • Summary of Section 2.
Other important techniques and factors to consider. A small overview.
  • What about those Chakras? What are they? How to correctly pronounce "Chakra".
  • On Vocal Toning, Sound Healing, and ASMR.
  • On Aromatherapy.
  • Bonus Lecture.
  • Conclusion.