• Introduction
Starting the project
  • Getting started with a React Design System
  • Adding Redux with Actions, Reducers and Store to this starter template
  • Create the addStatCardAction
  • Create the getAllStatCardsAction
  • Create the loginAction
  • Create the registerAction
  • Create the statCardReducer
  • Create the authReducer
  • Create the rootReducer
  • Create the store
Connecting the app to Redux
  • Connect to Redux the index file
  • Connect to Redux the Auth file
  • Connect to Redux the Admin file
  • Connect to Redux the Login file
  • Connect to Redux the Register file
  • Connect to Redux the Header file
Connecting the app to Firebase
  • Setting Firebase
  • Connecting registerAction with Firebase
  • Connecting loginAction with Firebase
  • Connecting getAllStatCardsAction with Firebase
  • Connecting addStatCardAction with Firebase