• Introduction - What We Will Learn In This Course
  • What is HTML, HTML tags
  • Web Browsers and DOCTYPE Declaration
Learning HTML
  • HTML Page Structure and Meta Tags
  • HTML Comments
  • HTML Documents and Elements
  • Empty HTML Elements and Empty HTML Heading
  • Paragraphs and Images
Learning CSS
  • What is CSS and CSS Syntax
  • Class and ID Selectors
  • CSS Inline Styles and Internal Style Sheet
HTML and CSS In Depth
  • Ordered HTML Lists and Type Attribute
  • Unordered HTML Lists and Horizontal Lists
  • HTML Tables and Tables with a Border Attribute
  • Tables with Collapsed Borders and with Cell Padding
  • Table Width and Height, Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  • Table Padding and Horizontal Dividers
  • Border Style, Width, Color and Margin property
  • Setting height and width, Maximal width of element