Introduction (Optional; consider skipping this section)
  • IMPORTANT: Course Companion PDF
  • Is Learning Guitar Right For You?
  • Getting Your First Guitar
  • Recommended Guitars for Beginners
  • Should You Take Guitar Lessons?
  • Pro Tip: Ignore Everyone!
  • Learning On Your Own, and Recommended Resources
  • Introduction Quiz
Week 1: Play a Melody By Ear
  • Beginning Picking Exercises
  • C Major One Octave
  • Super-Easy 2-Finger Chords
  • Learning a Tune By Ear
  • Suggested Melodies to Teach Yourself
Week 2: Play The Chords to Your Favorite Song
  • Learn the Open Chords, Part 1
  • Learn the Open Chords, Part 2
  • Beginning Arpeggios
  • Useful 5-Note Scales (Major and Minor Pentatonic)
  • Play the Chords to a Tune
  • List of Tunes You Can Play
Week 3: Read Music. Yes, Real Sheet Music.
  • The Two-Octave C Major Scale
  • Yes, You Really Can Read Music
  • Reading Your First Sheet of Music
  • List of Easy Tunes You Can Sight Read
Week 4: Take a Solo!
  • Scales Reviewed
  • Mix It Up: Basic Scale Patterns
  • Introduction to Improvisation
  • Jamming Out with the Backing Track
  • (Resource) Free Backing Track Download
  • List of Resources to Find Backing Tracks
  • Where To Go From Here?