Intro to IBE 100
  • Who This Course is For
  • The Difference between IBE 10#s and IBE 11#s
Understanding the Need for IBE
  • English: The 21st Century Business Language
  • How to Compete Against Native English Speakers
  • 21st Century Business English Concerns
  • Section 2 Review Quiz
Some Major Issues IBE Students Face
  • How IBE Courses Tackle the Major English Issues Students Face
  • Why Active Voice & English Sentence Structure Are Challenging for IBE students
  • Basic Rules Concerning Run-ons & Active Voice
  • Why Articles & Counted Nouns Are Challenging for IBE Students.
  • Basic Rules Concerning English Articles & Counted Nouns
  • Section 3 Review Quiz
Review and Looking Ahead
  • Practice Exercises
  • Reviewing What We've Learned in IBE 100
  • General Advice on Improving Your English
  • Quiz Review
  • IBE 100 Final Quiz
Bonus Section
  • Bonus Video: Continuing Studies in IBE