What is Glaucoma?
  • What is glaucoma?
  • What symptoms does glaucoma cause?
  • Things that are known to increase your risk of developing glaucoma
  • What different types of Glaucoma are there?
  • What different types of glaucoma are there?
Monitoring glaucoma
  • How to diagnose and monitor glaucoma
  • Measuring and monitoring the intraocular pressure
  • Measuring and assessing the angle structures
  • Measuring and monitoring the visual field
  • Measuring and monitoring the optic disc
  • How should your glaucoma be monitored and managed?
Treating glaucoma
  • How is glaucoma treated?
  • Choosing a target pressure and planning your treatment
Different treatment options for glaucoma
  • Medical options for treating glaucoma
  • Glaucoma medications
  • Laser treatments for glaucoma
  • Surgical options for treating glaucoma
  • Glaucoma treatments
Looking after yourself and your family if you have glaucoma
  • Putting in drops... the ins and outs
  • Driving... do's and dont's
  • Looking out for members of your family
  • Finding support and advice
  • Low vision aids
  • Looking after yourself and your family
  • Conclusions
About the course
  • Biographies of course contributors