iTunes Connect Setup and Provisioning
  • iTunes Connect Setup (viewable first or second)
  • Provisioning Profiles (viewable first or second)
  • Creating an iTunes Connect Test User
  • Initial Xcode Setup
  • Two Paths from here: Quick Start or Write the In-App Purchasing from Scratch
Write the In-App Purchasing Classes from Scratch
  • Initializing the InAppManager Class
  • Requesting Product Data (Test on Your Device)
  • The InAppObserver Class
  • The Buy Products and Provide Content Methods
  • Failed and Restored Transactions
Quick Start Guide to using the In-App Purchases Classes
  • Adding the (pre-written) InAppManager and InAppObserver Classes to your project
  • Adding More Product ID's to Purchase
  • Adding UIButtons to Purchase and Getting NSNotification feedback
  • Setting Different Button Values for the iPhone and iPad
  • Using a UIView for the UIButtons (instead of a Sprite Kit Scene)
What To Do After a Purchase.
  • Creating an In-Game Monetary System for Consumable Purchases
  • Don't Forget the Restore Button (I almost did!)
  • The Source Projects