Hi and Welcome
  • Hi and Welcome to the Real-World Example: Wordpress with XAMPP on Windows Course
Getting Started with Wordpress
  • What is Wordpress?
  • The difference between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org
  • Downloading the Wordpress source code
  • Extracting the Wordpress source code and first look at it
Getting Started with XAMPP
  • Downloading and Installing XAMPP on Windows
  • Our First Website on Localhost (Our own PC)
  • If starting Apache produces Error change your Apache Web server Port
  • Starting MySQL, MariaDB and phpMyAdmin
Installing Wordpress with XAMPP on Windows
  • Changing to XAMPP Server directory to our Wordpress directory
  • Installing our Wordpress Website
Playing with your new Wordpress website on Localhost
  • Creating your First Post
  • Creating your First Page
  • Installing a New theme
Next Steps
  • Publishing your Website to a Live Server
  • Working with different people on your Website