Who is Pinnacle?
  • What does Pinnacle Partners do?
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  • Video Assignment
  • Pinnacle Quiz
  • Handbook
Who is Keller Willaims?
  • About Keller Williams
  • KW Quiz
Basics of Risk Management
  • Types of Policies
  • Define each insurance term
  • Risk Management Terms Quiz
Learning Our Systems
  • Grasshopper
  • Pipedrive
  • Pipedrive Tasks
  • Creating a Pipedrive Task
  • Ezlynx
Basics of Acquiring New Clients
  • Basics
  • New Clients Quiz
Inbound Phone Calls, Client Retention and Issue Resolution
  • Top 10 Client Account Needs
  • Inbound Call Script
  • Inbound Call Script - Something you don't know how to do
  • Script Practice
  • Formula for Resolution
  • How to resolve a client's issue that you are unsure about
  • Quick Quiz
  • Mortgage Changes
Pulling Important Documents
  • How to obtain client dec pages and ID cards
Working with Financial Institutions to Update Accounts
  • How Financial Institutions Work with Insurance Policies
  • How to Make Changes for Financial Institutions
Adding and Replacing Vehicles onto a Policy
  • Importance of Adding a Car
  • How to Add a Car
  • You don't know how to resolve the client's issue.
  • Bookmark all carrier logins
Ways to Learn New Things
  • Resources That Will Help You
Option Videos (no required for the course)
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About Pinnacle
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