Patents: Introduction and Basics
  • The Foundations of Patent Protection
  • The History of Patents
  • America’s Uniquely-Democratic Patent System
  • Patent Law & Litigation
  • The Patent System and U.S. Economic Growth
  • Patents: Introduction and Basics
Patents: Eligibility and Criteria
  • Criteria for Patenting
  • The Debate Over Software Patents
  • Other Types of Patents
  • Applying for a Patent
  • Patents: Eligibility and Criteria
Patents: Defending and Enforcing
  • Enforcing Patent Rights
  • Taking Claims to Court
  • Defending Your Patent in Court
  • The Patent Infringement Trial
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • The Rise of Patent Trolls
  • Patents: Defending and Enforcing
Copyrights: Introduction and Basics
  • Copyright Introduction and Basics
  • Problems with Early Copyright Systems
  • Copyright: Introduction and Basics
Copyrights: Eligibility and Limitations
  • Copyright in the Courts
  • Works Eligible for Copyright
  • Work for Hire, First-Sale, and Moral Rights
  • Copyrights: Eligibility and Limitations
Copyright in the Internet Age
  • Copyright Law Adapts to New Technology
  • Digital Works and Copyright Challenges
  • Alternatives to Traditional Copyright
  • Copyright: Copyright in the Internet Age
Trademarks: Introduction and History
  • Early Trademark Systems
  • The Economic and Legal Value of Trademarks
  • Trademark Law in the United States
  • Trademark: Introduction and History
Trademarks: Eligibility and Application
  • Four Types of Trademarks
  • Trademark Subject Matter
  • Spectrum of Distinctiveness
  • Bars to Trademark Registration
  • Trademark: Eligibility and Application
Trademarks: Defending and Enforcing
  • Benefits of Establishing Trademark Protection
  • Infringement and Remedies
  • Fair Use and Trademarks
  • Trademark: Defending and Enforcing
Trade Secrets: Introduction and History
  • Trade Secrets and Protection
  • Trade Secrets: Introduction and History
Trade Secrets: Eligibility
  • Criteria for Trade Secrets
  • The Secrecy Requirement
  • Trade Secret Eligibility
Trade Secret Law
  • Identifying and Proving Misappropriation
  • Remedies for Misappropriation
  • Trade Secret Law