• Why you should take this MS Excel Course today!
  • Opening Excel
  • Entering Data: Introduction to Data Entry in MS Excel
  • Opening, Saving, and Closing
  • Basic Calculations: Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide using Excel
Formatting Data
  • Font and Color: Change the Font and Color of Your Data
  • Alignment: Align your Data Horizontally and Vertically
  • Number Formats: Display Numbers in an Appropriate Way
Conditional Formatting
  • Intro to Conditional Formatting: Highlight Information If a Condition is Met
Working with Cells
  • Insert/Delete/Hide Rows and Columns
Excel Functions and Series
  • Intro to Excel Functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT
  • Fill Function Basics: Save Time by Mass Copying Formulas and Text
  • Fill Series - Linear: Number Your Columns and Rows Efficiently
  • Fill Series - Growth: Project Investment Returns
Sort and Filter
  • Sort Data: Sort Alphabetically or Numerically
  • Filter Data: Display Only Data that You Want
Pivot Tables: Summarizing Data
  • Creating Pivot Tables: Summarize Your Data Quickly and Efficiently
  • Changing a Pivot Table: Produce Different Summaries
  • Adding Filters to a Pivot Table: Filter Your Summary Table
Working with Text
  • Correcting Name Entries: PROPER function
  • Joining Text Together: CONCATENATE and Ampersand
  • Find Position of Text or Character: SEARCH versus FIND
  • Extract Characters from the Left of Your Text: LEFT Function
  • Extract Characters from the Right of Your Text: RIGHT Function
  • Number of Characters in a Text String: LEN Function
  • Putting it all together: SEARCH, LEFT, RIGHT, LEN
  • Capitalize Text/Make it Lowercase: UPPER and LOWER functions
  • Delete Unnecessary Spaces: TRIM Function
Intro to Charts
  • MS Excel Charts: Create Charts and Adjust Chart Format and Style
IF Function: Evaluating Numbers, Text, and Logical Statements
  • Intro to IF Function: Test a Logical Statement and Return a Value
  • IF Function: Evaluating Dates and Text - True or False?
  • Multiple Logic Tests: IF and AND: Both Logic Tests are True
  • Multiple Logic Tests: IF and OR: What If Either Statement is True?
Intermediate Concepts
  • VLOOKUP Function: Pull Relevant Data from Another Database
  • HLOOKUP Function: Horizontal Lookup of Information from Another Sheet
Excel Shortcuts
  • The most useful Excel Shortcuts: Become Fast and Efficient