Intro to technical writing
  • What is technical writing?
  • Who is technical writing for?
  • What do technical writers create?
  • Who do technical writers work with?
  • What skills do you need as a technical writer?
Different types of technical writing
  • The rise of technical writing in a tech-driven world
  • Product academies
  • Knowledge bases
  • Internal knowledge
  • Chatbots
Spotlight on internal knowledge
  • Why internal knowledge is so hot right now
  • What is internal knowledge
  • The benefits of internal knowledge
  • Skills you need to write internal knowledge
  • How to find jobs in internal knowledge
Instructions: The heart of technical writing
  • 3 types of instructions every technical writer should master
  • Learn how to write instructions
Tips for technical writers
  • Project management, working in a team, communicating with managers and more