• What You Need To Get Started
  • Work Space Essentials
Preparing Your Paints
  • What Is Pouring Medium?
  • An Illustrated Look at What Pouring Medium is and What it is used for
  • Mixing Recipes
  • Paint Consistency
  • A Word About Cells
Paint Pouring Techniques
  • Puddle Pour
  • The Dirty Pour
  • Flip Cup Pour
  • Swipe Technique
After The Pour
  • Tips On Drying
  • Pre-Finish Surface Preparation
  • Finishing Your Art
Bonus Section
  • Multi-Mini Cup Striatian Technique
  • How Much Paint Should You Put In Your Dirty Pour Cup?
  • Fluid Painting/Paint Pouring Pioneers
  • 16 Minute Studio Footage of Experimenting with Swiping Technique
  • Multi-Layer (Pour Over)
  • Dollar Store Project Video
  • Cheap Craft Paint Demo Using The Swipe Method
  • Glossary Of Terms
  • Apple Barrel Paints Demo