• Introduction to Postman
Installing Postman
  • Installing the Postman Standalone App(Windows & macOS)
Launching Student App with Docker
  • Installing Docker on Windows OS
  • Installing Docker on MacOsx
  • Launching Student app docker image
CRUD Operations with POSTMAN
  • GET Request(query parameters, path parameters)
  • Create a new Student (POST method)
  • Update student info(PUT request)
  • Delete a student (DELETE method)
Postman Collections
  • Setup BestBuy API Playground
  • Global,Environment & Collection Variables
  • Creating collections in Postman
  • Collection Runner in Postman
Authentication in Postman
  • Basic Authentication in Postman
Tests,Assertions in Postman
  • Writing Tests,Adding assertions!!
Next Steps in your Journey!!
  • Next Steps!!