Getting Started (DO NOT SKIP)
  • Getting Started
  • Course Goals
  • Best Practices
  • Resource Locations
  • Finally
  • Introduction
  • Background
What is Terrorism
  • Terrorism Defined
  • Defining Terrorism
What is Terror Threat Analysis?
  • Introduction
  • Definition of a Threat
  • Threat Analysis Methodology
Methods and Tools for Terror Threat Analysis
  • Introduction to Data
  • Where to find Terror Attack Data
  • Natural Language Processing of Descriptions pt1
  • Natural Language Processing of Descriptions pt2
  • DocNovus NLP tool
  • Data Analysis with Kaggle
  • Attack Data Sources
The Terrorism Threat Analytics application
  • User Interface
  • Add Event
  • Edit Event
  • Search Events
  • Threat Analysis
  • Conclusion
High Order Analytics
  • Visit the High Order Analytics website
  • Enable the High Order Analytics Alexa Skill
  • "Hey Google, Talk to High Order Analytics"
  • Documentation and Whitepapers