• Introduction
  • Mobile development
  • What is Xamarin?
  • Install Xamarin
Create a single screen cross-platform application
  • What is Xamarin.Forms
  • Create a Xamarin.Forms app
  • Create a Xamarin.Forms App
  • Flash Quiz
Arrange the UI using Layouts
  • Anatomy of a Xamarin.Forms app
  • Flash Quiz
  • Pages and views
  • Layout in Xamarin.Forms
  • Flash Quiz
  • Create the Phoneword app
Use platform-specific code
  • Platform specific code
  • Build abstractions
  • Add support for dialing the phone
Examine XAML syntax
  • Why use XAML?
  • Forms XAML vs. MS XAML
  • What is XAML Standard
  • Create a XAML-based calculator
Add Behavior to XAML-based pages
  • Properties and types in XAML
  • Event handling
  • Add behavior to the XAML calculator
Explore XAML capabilities
  • Markup Extensions
  • Platform-specific values
  • Clean up the XAML and tailor the UI to the platform
  • Reusing XAML Views
Avoid duplicate XAML with Resources
  • Identify repeated XAML
  • Examine an app containing repeated code
  • Define and use Resources
  • Use page-level resources
  • Use and update dynamic Resources
  • Flash Quiz
  • Dynamically update resources
Create consistent UI with Styles
  • Create consistent UI with Styles
  • Create and apply a style
Make your Resources and Styles available across your entire app
  • Utilize application-wide Resources
  • Refactor repeated code
Apply the user's Accessibility choices with built-in Styles
  • Use built-in styles
  • Use application-wide resources
  • Flash Quiz
  • Summary