• Introduction
  • Mobile Development
  • What is Xamarin?
Install Xamarin
  • Install Xamarin
Create and run a Xamarin.iOS application
  • Introduce the development tools
  • Create an iOS application
Assign the root view controller in the app delegate
  • iOS Terminology
  • Add a root view controller
  • Flash Quiz
Build a User Interface (UI) that responds to user interaction
  • Add Screens to your application
  • Add subview and controls
  • Flash Quiz
  • Create a UI for your app
  • Add behavior to your application
  • Add logic to your app
Create a single screen application using the IOS Designer
  • Tour the Xamarin.iOS Designer
  • Create the UI for a single view application
Use Auto Layout to make your app responsive
  • Describe and use Auto Layout
  • Add constraints
  • Flash Quiz
Interact with designer-defined views programmatically
  • Interact with designer-defined views programmatically
  • Flash Quiz
  • Add behavior
Navigate between view controllers
  • Navigate between view controllers programmatically
  • Add a second screen
  • Utilize segues to navigate between view controllers
  • Flash Quiz
  • Use segues to create navigation
  • Summary