Introduction and Setup
  • Make the Most of This Course
  • Tooling Up
Text Formatting in HTML
  • Headings, Paragraphs, and Breaks
  • Special and Reserved Characters in HTML
  • Writing an HTML Reference Sheet in HTML
  • Advanced Text Formatting
  • Text Formatting Quiz
Presentation and Interactive Elements in HTML
  • Overview of Images, Lists, and Tables
  • Deep dive on Images
  • Deep dive on lists
  • Deep dive on tables
  • Nesting Lists, Tables and Images
  • Quiz on Presentation Elements
  • Introduction to Forms
  • Intermediate Forms and Accessibility
  • Elements in the Head: SEO, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Adding Syntax Highlighting and Math Equations
  • Quiz on Interactive Elements
HTML5 New Features
  • Adding Multimedia to an HTML5 Page
  • Form Inputs in HTML5
  • New Sectioning Tags in HTML5
  • HTML5 Sections and Advanced Formatting
  • Quiz on HTML5
HTML Review and Final Project
  • HTML in a nutshell
  • Completed Course HTML Files
  • Final Project Walkthrough
  • Productivity Hacks for Final Project
  • Openbooks - Final Template
Bonus Lecture - Additional Resources
  • Bonus Lecture