• Meet your instructor
  • About the course
  • How to get personal support fast!
Understanding your mind
  • Being an introvert does not control your behavior or potential.
  • The introvert scale
  • Where our nerves, stress and other feelings actually come from
  • The workshop example
  • How to use your Growth Zone to easily increase your confidence
  • Separating your self-doubt and criticism from your reasoning and logic
  • How to rid yourself of your self-critical thinking
  • Low versus high energy charisma - what works best?
  • Why an introvert's down-time is a huge advantage
  • How to recharge your social energy fast and often
Understanding others
  • Creating a community of understanding
  • Understanding the minds of others
Communication techniques
  • Why making a "good first impression" is a bad idea
  • A successful conversation's three secret ingredients
  • How to bypass small talk and create conversations that interest you
  • What creates engaging and exciting conversations that leaves people wanting more
  • The one thing you have to do to get the social results you want
  • How to master these techniques
  • What we've learned - and how to get good at it
Bonus lecture
  • Bonus lecture