Before we start
  • A quick overview
  • Starter project overview
  • How to add a card on screen
  • How to create a peak
  • How to create 3 peaks
  • How to create the last row of cards
Interaction & peak logic
  • How to create the back of the card
  • How to receive taps on the card
  • How to work with card managers
  • How to create a flipping animation
Game Logic
  • How to create the deck
  • How to create the main game logic
  • How to keep the score
  • How to display the score
  • How to add a started / game over state
  • How to add overlays
  • How to animate the dealing
  • How to add the background
  • How to add sound effects
Menu & timed mode
  • How to create the menu scene
  • How to create the buttons
  • How to add configuration
  • How to add timed mode
Finishing touches
  • How to pause the game
  • How to add a parallax effect on the background
Multi-device support
  • How to manage layouts
  • How to support multiple devices