• Introduction
  • Checklist - let's get going!
General Overview
  • Sleep and Power Off/Power On
  • Power, Audio, and Data-Transfer
  • Volume and Mute Buttons
  • The "Home" Button and Features
  • Photo App Overview
Let's Do it! :: Take a photo, set our wallpaper or lock screen!
  • Setting your wallpaper and lock-screen backgrounds
  • Did you know? Volume buttons activate the camera?
Accessorizing your iPad
  • What to look for - how to look for accessories
  • Where else can I look?
Joining a WiFi Network
  • How to find and join a network
  • Make sure you are connected
Establish and connect your iTunes account
  • Set up a new iTunes/Apple ID
  • Connect your new Apple ID to your iPad
  • Making regular backups via iTunes
  • Making backups via iCloud
  • Understanding more about 'Cloud' computing
  • Checking for iOS System Updates
  • Connect to your iCloud Account
General Operations
  • Gesturing and Movements in iOS
  • Copying and Pasting Text
  • Auto-Rotation 'Locking'
Using the Internet and email
  • Email accounts and signatures
  • Browser Introductions and Overview
  • Using your browser in 'reader' mode
  • Setting up email access on your iPad
  • Adding a Google Calendar to your iPad Calendar app
Apps, Apps, and more Apps...finding the good ones
  • Using the iTunes App Store
  • Keeping your Apps up-to-date
  • Redeem gift cards, codes, and free apps
  • Teacher's App evaluation rubric
  • Featured and Category Search in the App Store
  • Let's do it! :: Go get some apps!
Managing your apps
  • Collections, adding and removing apps
  • Deleting and restoring deleted apps
  • Ebooks, iBooks, and ePubs
  • Apps On Sale
What can I really do with this thing?
  • Consume; read, browse, intake information
  • Create; photography, video, graphic design, drawing, and presentations
  • Connect; social networking, video chatting, polling, crowd-sourcing
  • Curate; bookmarking, mindmapping and highlighting online content
Featured Apps Showcase - A "Top 5"
  • Add email attachments to your iPad email
  • Edit MS Office Documents on your iPad in the cloud
  • Deliver interactive multimedia presentations
  • Manage your pictures and create online photo journals
  • Connect to free educational course content from around the world
Where do we go from here?
  • Put it all together, and keep it going
New Tips for iOS 8