Meet Mr./Ms. Jack of All Trades - Your New Wild Ace in the Hole
  • Opening
  • Welcome to Jack of All Trades!
  • INTRODUCTION NOTE (must read!) - Jack's Journey Begins
  • The Pursuit of Life, Truth and Knowledge
  • The Last Polymath
  • The Baskets of Eggs
  • The Next Polymath
Cautionary Tale About Jack - The Mistakes Must Avoid
  • The Battle Between Generalist and Specialist
  • Avoid Superficialities and Opt for Multi-Specialties
  • Don't Bite What You Don't Have To Chew
  • You Only Have So Much Time
The Origin of Jack - Become the Renaissance Man/Woman
  • A Fascinating Individualist
  • The Evil Genius Within
  • Secrets of Great Renaissance Men Throughout History
  • The X-Renaissance Factor
Opening the Jack-in-the-Box - Your Self-Assessment
  • Special Preferential Treatments for the Gifted
  • Talent Vs. Skill
  • Nurture Your Innate Talent and Develop Your Acquired Skill
  • To-Do: Initiate Yourself
  • The Different Ways to Learn
  • Task: Set Your Skills
Keeping Up with Jack - The Art of Learning
  • Learn to Learn
  • Exercise: Determine Your Learning Style
  • The Visual Learner
  • Visual Learner Task 1: Skim Reading
  • Visual Learner Task 2: Meta-Guiding
  • Visual Learner Task 3: Peripheral Reading
  • The Auditory Learner
  • Auditory Learner Task: Selective Filtering
  • The Kinesthetic Learner
  • Kinesthetic Learner Task: Full-Body Engagement
  • All-in-One Utilization for Synchronized Speed Learning
  • Task: Calibrate Your Learning Process
Final Words
  • An INSTANT Thank You
  • Closing
  • Bonus Note
  • The Photographic Memory
  • The PEG Memory Method