Japan In-Depth Learning 1: Japanese Basic Manners and Rules
  • Precise and Practical Program to Study Japanese Manners and Way of Thinking
Basic manners at Japanese restaurants
  • INTRO_Basic manners at Japanese restaurants
  • Shoes off, slippers off, and toilet slippers off
  • No pouring your own drink
  • Do not use chopsticks in upsetting ways
  • Outro
Basic manners on Japanese transportations
  • INTRO_Public transportation manners
  • No loud voice, no phone call, or no loud music
  • Make a queue at designated boarding point
  • Priority seat
  • Drinking and eating manners
  • Outro
Basic manners when visiting Shinto shrines
  • INTRO_Shinto shrine
  • What to do at the entrance
  • How to greet the kami
  • Photo manners
  • Outro
Basic manners when visiting Buddhist temples
  • INTRO_Buddhist temple
  • Rules about shoes
  • No clapping of hands, and bow before enjoying the garden
  • No sitting on Sanmon gate threshold or steps
  • Outro
Basic manners at Japanese traditional accommodation Ryokan
  • INTRO_Ryokan
  • slippers and tokonoma rules
  • yukata
  • How to take a bath
  • Outro
OUTRO for the whole course
  • Outro