• Welcome to the Course!
Apache Maven - The No 1 Java Build Tool!
  • Creating a Maven Project with the Quickstart Archetype
  • Performing Simple Build Tasks with Maven
  • The Project Object Model and POM File
  • Resolving a Simple Dependency
Java 8 - The most important release of Java to date!
  • A Quick Look at the Main Java 8 Features
  • Lambda Expressions- Syntax and Examples
  • Coding and Referencing a Simple Lambda Expression
  • Refactoring a Lambda Expression by Adapting an Existing Functional Interface
JUnit and Mockito - The world's top Java test framework combination!
  • Introducing a Simple Unit Test in JUnit
  • Structure of a Unit Test
  • What is Mockito and what are Mock Objects?
  • Creating a project which uses JUnit and Mockito
Spring Framework - The number 1 base framework for almost all Java projects!
  • Configuring a project's dependencies to use Spring
  • A Look at the Application Context (aka The Spring Container)
  • Creating a Bean Managed with Spring's XML Container Configuration
  • Retrieving and Using a Bean from the Spring Container
Wrap Up
  • Thanks and where next?