• Introduction
  • Explanation of Lambda Expression
First Hello world Functional Interface
  • Functional Interface
  • Quiz on Functional inteface
Syntax of the Lambda expression
  • Lambda expression with argument and return types
OOTB Functional Interfaces
  • OOTB Functional Interfaces
  • Consumer and Supplier
  • Function, Predicate and UnaryOperator
  • BiFunction, BiConsumer, BiPredicate and BinaryOperator
  • Lambda with method and constructor reference
  • Quiz on OOTB Functional Interfaces
Introduction to Streams
  • Introduction to streams
  • Intro Stream in use
  • Stream operations
  • How to create Streams?
  • Immutability and lazy evaluation of objects in streams
  • Hands on the stream operations part 1
  • Hands on the terminal operations
  • Quiz on Streams API