Start Here
  • Introduction
  • Course Outline
  • Meet The Instructor
  • Prerequisites and Takeaways
  • Why Javascript
Installing and Understanding the underlying tools
  • Quick Viewing Tip
  • Installing Node on a Mac or Windows
  • Installing Node on a Linux Environment
  • Getting onboard with Nodejs
  • Installing Bower
  • Installing and Understanding Grunt
  • Installing Yeoman
  • An Introduction to MongoDB Database
  • Installing and Testing MongoDB on Mac
  • Installing MongoDB on Linux
  • Installing MongoDB on Windows
  • Installing and Understanding Git
Building and Understanding the Code Base
  • The Website Idea
  • Generating The Code Base
  • MeanJS Stack Overview
  • Official Documentation and an Introduction to Express
  • Checkin our code to Git and pushing it to Githup
  • Using the generator to start work on our feature
  • First Code Change - Making The Menu Link Public
  • A high level overview of the Angular code of our feature
  • Making necessary changes to our feature
  • Giving a professional look to our feature
Hosting our website and integrating with social accounts
  • Deploying and Hosting our site on Heroku
  • Associating our site with a domain name
  • Integrating with social accounts - Part I
  • Integrating with social accounts - Part II
  • Conclusion