• Introduction
Understanding Linux
  • What is Kali Linux
  • What is Linux
  • What are Linux Distro
  • What are Desktop Environment
Understanding Kernel
  • What is Kernel
  • Types of Kernel
  • What is Shell
  • Common Shell
Installing Kali Linux
  • Downloading Kali Linux (Updated 2021)
  • Running Kali Linux Live
  • Installing Kali Linux on PC
Understanding File System
  • What is File System
  • Most common File System
  • FHS File System in Linux
  • Understanding File in Linux
  • File types in Kali Linux
  • Kali Linux Directly Structure
Kali Linux Tool Section
  • Kali Linux Tool Section Explained
  • Information Gathering Tools
  • Vulnerability Analysis Tools
  • Web Application Analysis Tools
  • Database Assessment Tools
  • Password Attack Tool
  • Wireless Attacks Tools
  • Reverse Engineering Tools
  • Exploitation Tools
  • Sniffing and Spoofing Tools
  • Post Exploitation Tools
  • Forensics Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Social Engineering Tools
Using Terminal
  • Kali Linux Terminal Basics
  • Basic Commands
  • Update Kali Linux through Terminal
  • Creating File Through Terminal
  • Making Directly Trough Terminal
  • Deleting File in Terminal
  • Packages in Kali Linux
  • Installing Software Packages Through Terminal
  • Copying File Through Terminal
  • Moving File Through Terminal
  • Renaming a File Through Terminal
  • Changing IP Address Through Terminal
  • Useful Kali Linux Commands
Scripting in Kali Linux
  • Create Your First Script
Final Lecture
  • Congratulation