Welcome to the Course
  • What You Gain by Enrolling
  • Bonus Closed Support Facebook Group with Freebies for You
  • How to Solve Problems or Achieve Goals with Self-hypnosis
  • Short overview of the course
  • How do you get the most benefits from the Guided Self-Hypnosis exercises
  • How to use this Coursebook to get the most benefits from the course?
  • About me, as your Instructor
Your life now is the result of how you use your energy
  • Introduction to Section 2.
  • Your energy is Creative Force
  • Your personality is not you
  • Behavior and habits are your energy crystallized in a certain way
  • Fixed ideas determine how you express your energy
  • Fixed ideas live in the subconscious
  • Through transforming, you free this energy
  • As a First Step You Need To Take Responsibility For Your Life and For Yourself
  • Conclusion of Section 2.
  • Your life is the result of how you use your energy!
Preparing for change: Reach for your endless possibilities by making a decision!
  • Introduction to Section 3.
  • You have infinite possibilities!
  • You have all the resources and help within you!
  • One of the most effective tools for change: hypnosis
  • Guided Self-Hypnosis Exercise: Fork in the Road
  • Self-hypnosis exercise - Fork in the Road
  • Making a decision and reaching engagement on all levels.
  • Conclusion of Section 3.
Setting Objectives the right way
  • Introduction to Section 4.
  • The right way to set your objectives
  • Self-hypnosis exercise - Finding your objectives
  • Most common mistakes.
  • Conclusion of Section 4.
Skills that boost your powers to act
  • Introduction to Section 5.
  • Mastering the skills necessary to self-hypnosis
  • Self-hypnosis is not a one function tool but a complex method.
  • The benefits of self-hypnosis.
  • The trance state is the basis of self-hypnosis
  • Learning to understand and cooperate with the subconscious
  • Becoming a master of self-suggestion
  • Creating your own Self-Hypnosis audio
  • Learning to control your attention and gain awareness
  • Awareness exercise
  • Conclusion of Section 5.
Becoming your Real Self
  • Introduction to Section 6.
  • What is our Real Self?
  • Benefits of being our Real Self
  • BONUS Guided Self-hypnosis: Meeting with the Real Self
  • Self-hypnosis exercise - Meeting the Real Self
  • Conclusion of Section 6.
Course Wrap Up
  • Let's see what we've learnt so far and how we can use it in the future
  • Share your ideas with us!
Your EXTRA Bonus: A Mini Success Training
  • Attract Success And Abundance Training*Part1* What do you want to feel?
  • Attract Success Prosperity & Abundance *PART 2* Powerful visualizations for the
  • Attract Success Prosperity & Abundance *PART 3* Attracting Abundance with the Ma
  • Attract Success Prosperity & Abundance *PART 4* Ideas of Abundance