Welcome to Kinemaster Video Editing( Beginner to Pro Level)
  • Introduction
Start Your Kinemaster App(Getting Started 1st Part)
  • Choosing of Best Category to Start(Getting Started with Kinemaster)
  • Importing of Files.
  • Assignment 1
Adding of Overlays
  • Adding Overlays,Text and Hand Writing.
  • Importing Text to the Kinemaster and making of Movement in Kinemaster
  • Scrolling Text on Kinemaster
Video,Audio,Text and Others Cut,Split Trim
  • Learn Split,Trim,Cut in a Video
Audio and Voice Modulation,Changing and Autotune.
  • Voice Modulation
  • Changing of Voice into Different types.
Green Screen Effect
  • Green Screen Effect Making
  • Blur a Videos Part.
Exporting,Video Quality,Video Size and Information
  • Exporting, Quality Checking of Video