A Big Hug and a Warm Welcome of Shelter in the Job Market Storm You Face Today!
  • Fortune 500 CEO Dave Watkins Warmly Welcomes you to His World ... Literally!
  • Dr. Scott Brown Explains How You Can Become Your Very Own Ambassador of Quan!
  • Attorney Daniel Hall J.D. Gives Tour of His Texas Tech Law 6 Figure Career Path!
Here's CEO Dave Watkins Proprietary 7 Step Process to Landing your Dream Job!
  • Lecture 1: Exercise - The Tragic High Opportunity Cost of Status Quo
  • Lecture 2: Identifying Testimonials and References from Your Current Allies
  • Lecture 3: Preparing your profile with LinkedIn, Social Media and Resume
  • Lecture 4: Understanding what you are good at = Competency
  • Lecture 5: Developing your Personal Pitch for your Next Elevator Encounter!
  • Lecture 6: Build a Boiler Room to Hone Your Interview Skills Under Pressure
  • Lecture 7: Identify the Positions and the Companies that Expand Your Career Path
  • How Well Prepared Are You for the Speed Dating Fortune 500 Interview Circuit?
University of Puerto Rico Distinguished Alumni Interview Series
  • Distinguished UPR Alumni Juan E. Figueroa Explains His Path to Washington, D.C.
  • Part 2 of Interview with Former Bell Labs Physicist Juan E. Figueroa
  • Part 3 of Interview with Former Bell Labs Physicist Juan E. Figueroa
  • High Potential Candidate Edmundo Garza MBA Speaks with Dave Watkins on Job Paths
  • Luis Marrero, UPR MBA Interview by CEO Dave Watkins
  • CEO Dave Watkins is Interviewed by Dr. Scott Brown Regarding Puerto Rico Today
Bonus Section - More From CEO Dave Watkins
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